JSH 2001-2D


Full body safety harness 2 Chest attachment D- Rings and a Dorsal attachment
D- Ring for Fall Arrest.

* Adjustable shoulder and thigh-straps, Sliding Plates for
easy adjustment of Chest-Strap.

* Shoulder and thigh-straps differentiated by a dual colour

* Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort.

* Material: High Tenacity Polyester, Width: 4.5 cm,
Breaking strength: 23 kN, Colour: Black & Green.

* Test Compliance: Static strength-15 kN for 3 minutes at
each attachment element.

Dynamic strength – Free fall from 4 meters height donned
to a test dummy weighing 100kg at each attachment

* Weight: 1200 gm +10 gm

* Conforms to EN 361:2002