Manufacturer of JSAFE & MAXAFE Brands

At Johnson Trading we depend only on the very best. Representing a powerful blend of ground-breaking technology and experience, our Professional Gear is powerful and solid, which enables its clients to work with certainty, confidence and solace. We are suppliers of safety footwear in Dubai, Sharjah UAE and meet safety norms of across the globe.

Why Choose Us?

Our Industrial safety shoes & best industrial boots are crafted using genuine, high-quality raw materials.Being one of the leading industrial safety footwear manufacturers and providers organization, we add cutting-edge protective features to our product like anti-slide, oil, petrol, liquor and abrasion resistant.

We are your ideal choice!

Johnson Trading is a leading provider, supplier and wholesaler of safety footwear. If you are searching for the best and trusted Industrial Safety footwear suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah and UAE, then connect with us and talk to our experts today!